Lake Castle Madisonville Private School

Beginning of the Year Documents

Due Prior to School



        PK-8th Dismissal Form (due August 5)

        BSC/ASC Information (due August 5)

        Club and Extracurricular Activity Registration Due August 5


        Catch the Flight Spirit Club

        Homework Room

        Future Tennis (K- 3rd Grades)

        Tumbling (PPK-3rd Grades)

        Spanish (PK-1st Grades)

        Pep Squads (PPK-3rd Grades)

        Chess Club (1st-8th Grades)

        Little Artists

        Jr. Math Club

        Sr. Math Club

        Savvy Students

        Castle Chronicle Publication Club

        Lapbook Club

        Young Einsteins

        Helping Hands

        Cross Country Team

        Lake Castle Badge (PK-3rd):  (Word document and Excel document)

        Note:   Modified 2012-2013 name tags to be given to families

            at the Meet the Teachers.

        Homeroom Teachers for 2013-2014

        1st Quarter Lunch Order (due August 23)